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Up to $300 cash for large Vehicles/Vans
that weigh 5,000 lbs or grater.

Up to $250 for junk cars

DID YOU KNOW?..........

  Junk cars are  the one of the most recycled items each year

The valuable steel and iron, along with aluminum, copper and lead, can be salvaged, recycled and reused.  Contact several junk car pick up companies  and junk yards in your area. Junkyards may be interested in purchasing your junk cars to strip down for replacement parts. Shop around to get the best price.

Do your reasearch on of local companies  that will help you recycle your junk cars. MAKE SURE THEY ARE DMV certified and ask for their IVC# when calling them!!  Then you'll be able to decide  which one will be the best option for your particular needs.

How is Scrap Metal Reclaimed?

  • Scrap metal is reclaimed through several different processes. People and companies can sell their scrap metal to be recycled at recycling  centers. Scrap metal is also reclaimed from junkyards and from products that are simply discarded. Many junkyard cars, for example, are harvested for their metal content and recycled. No matter how the scrap metal is initially reclaimed, it then heads to a processing plant to begin the actual recycling process.

How is Scrap Metal Sorted for Processing?

  • Of course, once scrap metal is collected and reclaimed, it is often mixed in with other non-metallic materials such as plastic, wood or rubber. In order to sort the metal out from these other materials, the recycled material generally is shredded in a massive industrial shredding machine and then sorted. The sorting process usually involves either magnetic processes or simply sifting processes. At the end of the sorting, the recycling operation is left with a nearly pure form of scrap metal.

How is Scrap Metal Actually Recycled Into New Products?

  • After the scrap metal is sorted, it's entered into a blast furnace that burns at extremely high temperatures. The exact temperature of the furnace varies depending on the metal that is being recycled. The blast furnace melts the scrap metal into its molten (liquid) state and also helps to burn off any impurities or other materials left over from the sorting stage of the process. After the metal is liquefied, it can then be poured into molds for use in new products.





***prices and offers are subject to change without notice***
At T-Rex recycling Inc. our customers are number one!! We've been servicing the Long Island communities since 2006 and pride ourselves with fast service and fair prices.

We specialize in Junk Car recycling  and will  work with our customers to accommodate their schedule and availability. Our owner operated company  guarantees that the job gets done right the first time.Our customers range from individuals needing to make room in their yard to  large companies that need to recycle their unused fleet of vehicles. We separate metal from other materials, such as plastics and rubber, so the metal can be reused.

Contact our metal recycling company in Eastport, NY, to recycle your old  junk cars


T-Rex Recycling Inc.

NYS DMV # 7109017
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